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Okinawa Great Trade Fair2013


Reception on the night before

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2014 Trade Fair

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Participant Comments


Eve of the Trade Fair – Food Show
  • I was able to sample and better understand products that were to be exhibited.
  • Food recipes and ideas with ingredients produced by participating companies were very useful.
  • I was able to learn about the uniqueness of Okinawan food and the background culture.
  • I was able to learn about suppliers’ products through sample tasting.
  • Food cooked with our ingredients could be used as a topic in introducing products during business negotiations.
  • I had the chance to taste high-quality Japanese food.
Pre-Trade Fair
  • Many suppliers were willing to purchase overseas products, which made it easier to get orders.
  • Business negotiation times were well controlled.
  • A facilitator was assigned to each table during business discussions, and other support systems were well organized.
  • I was able to find new ingredients.
  • I had the chance to deepen my knowledge about Japan and Okinawa.
  • Each company’s exhibition was compact and well organized, which was helpful.
  • The fair was a good chance to find new commercial material.
  • Business communication is helpful in finding new business relationships.
  • I had a number of chances to talk with companies, which helped me to obtain a wide range of information.
  • Food ingredients produced in Okinawa have great potential, so I will continue paying attention to them.
  • This fair provides opportunities for communication not only among suppliers, but also among buyers, which leads smoothly to subsequent business.
  • Manufacturers in Okinawa Prefecture do not often come to the main island of Okinawa or overseas. This fair provided the chance to see and talk with them directly. Opportunities like this are important.
  • I was able to talk with a company that I wanted to negotiate with, which made discussions smoother.
  • I had the chance to see many products, including those made in Okinawa; and I could directly talk with buyers, which provided me with useful information.
  • I could communicate with and get to know buyers from ASEAN countries, which was a great benefit for me.


Eve of the Trade Fair – Food Show
  • I was able to taste a lot of different food ingredients, and this helped me to find a company to discuss business with.
  • I could get lots of advice from buyers.
  • It is hard to find such a business matching event in Japan. Therefore, it was a good chance for me.
  • I tasted food ingredients at the Eve of the Trade Fair; therefore, it was easy for me to explain to buyers what I want.
  • The great atmosphere at the Eve of the Trade Fair helped to jazz up the trade fair from tomorrow.
  • Our company’s products were cooked into tasty dishes by talented chefs.
  • I could taste a wide range of products exhibited by suppliers.
Pre-Fair Trade
  • I could discuss business with buyers that I cannot usually meet.
  • I was able to get on-site information and frank advice, which I believe will lead to future relationships.
  • Business negotiations went smoothly.
  • I could see and feel the tradition of Okinawa. It was very nice to have a chance to taste Bukubuku Tea and see Ryuso, the traditional formal wear of Okinawa, and other Okinawa culture.
  • It was very nice for me to be able to get to know a wide range of food ingredients in Okinawa and products from other Japanese companies.
  • I was able to find some companies that have the potential for becoming business partners. It is important to continue discussions with them.
  • I received positive responses from some companies, and would like to continue talking with them to achieve good results.
  • Using this Pre-Trade Fair as a step, I got a good response that will lead to the next step.
  • There are only few opportunities to see buyers from other countries. It was a good chance for me.
  • I could get on-site information, see the level of recognition of our company products, and get positive responses that will lead to the future transactions.
  • I could talk with some companies and get positive responses at this trade fair. I would like to participate in this next year, too.
  • The business discussion style was very good. It was very good that many buyers participated.
  • It was a wonderful opportunity for me to introduce Okinawan products to overseas buyers.
  • This was a great chance for me to get new information and build relationships.
  • I could find new sales routes, including importing.
  • This was the best business matching opportunity in my experience.

Last Year's Results (Business negotiation/ Satisfaction level/ Questionnaire results)

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