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Japan is proud of its world-class agricultural, fishery, and food processing technologies, and the nation produces a large amount of safe and secure agricultural, fishery and other food products.
 While Japanese cuisine, which was registered as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, has attracted attention around the world, the demand for Japanese agricultural, fishery and other food products has been increasing in Asia, which has been experiencing rapid economic growth.
 he Great Okinawa Trade Fair is held for the purpose of promoting Okinawa as a global logistics hub and as an effective means of solving issues in importing. We will continue to respond to the expectations of suppliers as well as buyers who are interested in purchasing Japanese agricultural and fishery products.
 We are looking forward to your participation in the Great Okinawa Trade Fair, where individuals in agriculture and fishery industries as well as food manufacturers and retailers gather.
Application details for buyers will be announced on our home page as soon as preparations are complete. Please wait a while longer.

Event outline for 2018

*Businesses are matched for negotiations by appointment in advance, so entry is not available to the general public.
Applications are being sought from buyers to fill open negotiation timeslots. Please contact the Matching Office.

Okinawa Convention Center(Use of entire building.)
Nov.29 (Thu), 30 (Fri), 2018 10:00am~5:00pm(Tentative)

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